For generations, select families of exceptional wealth established family offices as a means of guiding, shaping and managing the assets that they had amassed. These offices were built upon the knowledge that maintaining wealth from one generation to the next required two things: the proximity of highly skilled professionals focused on the family’s unique financial requirements and ability of the family to retain ultimate decision-making authority.

Today, FAMILY OFFICE® makes the benefits of this concept available to a new generation of prosperous families.

Our Promise

By design, FAMILY OFFICE® is a throwback to the family office of yesteryear. We truly are your family’s personally appointed office, structured to meet the individual needs of your family members and your holdings.

To coordinate all of your financial instruments and investments – and ensure that they are achieving your goals – we cultivate a relationship based on mutual trust and a clear understanding of your long-term vision.

FAMILY OFFICE® orchestrates your team of professionals within the community – accountants, attorneys, underwriters, real estate specialists and other independent consultants if needed. Our meticulous administrative and reporting system tracks and monitors every detail.

The result: an efficient, concentrated focus on your investment planning and strategic wealth management.

“Creating family legacy is not something that just happens. It is created through intentional planning and skillful communication. Legacy reaches far beyond financial resources.  Properly done, the impact will be evident for generations to come.”

~Donald E. Brown, President/CEO