National Charitable Fund

National Charitable Fund (NCF) was established as a not-for-profit public charity designed to help philanthropic-minded clients manage their charitable giving with ease, while simultaneously receiving the maximum tax benefit. Our goal at National Charitable is to help you make an impact on the causes that are important to you while we handle the complexity of these transactions. Private foundations are great for the very wealthy, but they can be expensive to establish and to administer, and there are limitations to the tax benefits they provide.  NCF creates a great alternative and provides flexibility with details such as naming your fund and letting you determine when and how you want to make a charitable impact, as long as the funds are paid to an IRS approved charitable organization.  If you don’t want to distribute immediately, you can also select how the funds will be invested and even add to your fund with periodic contributions.  Let NCF help you discover the benefits and ease of making an impact on causes that are important to you.

  • Low minimums
  • Reasonable fees
  • Allows clients to make charitable gifts in years where giving would benefit their financial situation, but make gifts when they are ready.

To learn more about NCF or to set up your personal charitable fund, contact Susan E. Brown.