Trust & Estate Administration

We attend to your financial affairs with diligence and care. When the unexpected occurs, we monitor and manage the situation on your behalf. We help you comply with required Federal and State tax filings for individuals, corporations, partnerships, trusts, foundations, and gift and estate tax return, archiving your supporting documents for future reference. 

We assist you with the following:

  • Paying all debts and expenses
  • Calculation and disbursement of income and other distributions
  • Management of discretionary disbursements with sensitivity and compassion
  • Preparation of annual accountings for court supervised accounts
  • Coordination, review, and filing of fiduciary and individual tax returns
  • Periodic asset valuation
  • Coordination with your attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors
  • Preparation of quarterly financial reports
  • File documentation as required
  • Recordkeeping and tax reporting
  • Comprehensive communication with grantors, beneficiaries, and their advisors via statements, meetings, and other correspondence
  • Professional Trustee Services
  • Trust Protector Services